A word that means
“white birch” in Italian.
Refinement and sophistication
reminiscent of its appearance
Create audio that pursues design
and high sound quality.
Sound made in Japan
Delivered to customers.

Made in Japan

Oasa Electronics Co.,Ltd

Origin of the name
of Egretta

The employee says,
“President, look out!”!

Egletta is the Italian word for white birch. I named it because the figure that stood in white was reminiscent of white birch. In addition, the name “Shirakaba” = “Egretta” in Italian, with the meaning of realizing a design and quality that can be put out in Milano Salone, an exhibition of Italian furniture.

There are more episodes in this. It was when I decided to go to the head office after having a meeting with the designer and naming it Egretta. It was the very moment when I told my employees that I made the name of the speaker Egretta. The employee said, “President, look out!” I looked out of the window to see what happened. Then there was a white egret by chance! It was the first time that a white birch was visible from the head office. I felt fate.



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