Privacy Policy

Oasa Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information (name, address, email address and other personally identifiable information) and handles it appropriately based on the privacy policy (hereinafter “this policy”) And will protect you.

  • 1 Scope of application

    This policy applies to the handling and protection of personal information provided to the Company by customers regarding the use of the website operated by the Company (hereinafter “the Site”). The Company assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal information on other websites linked to this website.

  • 2 Acquisition and use

    The Company will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means.
    The Company will use the information within the scope of the purpose of use indicated at the time of acquiring personal information, as long as it is necessary to carry out the business. Except when there is an urgent need to protect human life, body or property.
    We may use cookies to create a better site. Depending on your browser settings, you can be notified when cookies are sent, or you can choose not to send cookies. Please contact each software manufacturer for browser settings.

  • 3 Management

    When managing personal information received from customers, we will take appropriate measures and take the utmost care to prevent the leakage of customers’ personal information to the outside. Appropriate information security measures will be taken against the risk of personal information leakage, destruction, alteration, etc. due to unauthorized access to this site server from the outside.

  • 4 Disclosure to third parties

    The Company will not provide or disclose personal information to any third party other than the successor of the Company or its group companies.
    However, disclosure may be made only when the following items apply.

    In the case of disclosure to our group company or our company and our group company contractors within the scope necessary to respond to inquiries and requests
    When there is a formal inquiry to the Company based on laws and regulations from a court or police official
    If you agree with the person

  • 5 Management of consignees

    The Company may outsource the management of personal information to Group companies or business consignees that provide or disclose personal information in accordance with the preceding paragraph. In this case, we will instruct and supervise subcontractors to pay sufficient attention to management so as not to leak information.

  • 6 Review of policy

    We may review the above items from time to time and revise all or part of them.
    Any revisions will be posted on this site immediately.

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