Integrated amplifier TA1000Integrated amplifier TA1000

Excellent design and high quality sound which agree with TS1000,
drastic search The intelligent sound analog and digital fusion produce

Integrated amplifier

price (tax included):
Integrated amplifier TA1000

Main Features

The analog which is a wide microwave × The digital linear circular course

TA1000, the sound quality, drastic, cross-examined analog circular course and digital circular course , we fused and adopted the linear circular course special quality which are a wide microwave and the high response. When changing to analog signal by a high-quality digital analog converter once without an input signal’s of the digital system also making a power stage input directly, appropriate analog processing is performed, and it’s being input to a power stage. It smells of the digital pointed out by this in the past, we succeeded to exclude it.

Adoption of a quickstep response power supply circuit

TA1000 enabled fundamental note reproduction excellent to improve the performance of the power supply circuit which drives a power stage. Using the high-speed power supply circuit which is low loss and high efficiency and is the high response, when, output impedance can excel power supply RINIARITI, and is flat over all frequency bands. We also have the high-speed response to a rise of a source, so sound revival faithful to a fundamental note is always achieved.

Adoption of a quickstep response power supply circuit
3 way multi-source input which corresponds to a flow in the time

TA1000 corresponds to various input sources in spite of analog and digital. We have 2 systems of broadband analog input pin to input a signal of the cell phone musical player of iPad and iPhone who doesn’t have a digital output terminal and a SACD player. The light S/PDIF terminal to input a digital signal of a digital television and a CD player with a digital output again, additionally 1 system is also answering to a USB connection from a personal computer using musical player software of iTunes and Windows Media Player. A USB connection is standard and corresponds to a plug and a play wired connection, and installation of driver software isn’t necessary. It’s also equipped with joining terminal of radio USB adapter exclusive use as an option.

3 way multi-source input3 way multi-source input
The abundant low reproduction function from which the ability of the loudspeaker is drawn out to the full

The low regulating function called birth control is be equipped with by a usual pre-main amplifier. Birth control is the effective function, but to optimize lack of a low voice the range around 1000 Hz is being lifted from 500 for general birth control.
The sound played from a loudspeaker for it will be hiding a touch. It’s equipped with a (Bass Equalizing Presence) regulating function as the function which makes reduction attenuation around the 150Hz which is the fault of the book shell size loudspeaker convalescent in TA1000. We assumed that abundant and thick low revival beyond the revival ability of the loudspeaker was possible to lift a low area around the 150Hz optionally.

The abundant low reproduction function from which the ability of the loudspeaker is drawn out to the full
The LED signature which produces a change in an input source

When turning an input selector (input change appetizer) and change an input source , the volume environment of the calvarial emits light momentarily, and switching of an input source is produced. ※ An input source is normally illuminated

The LED signature which produces a change in an input source
Class D Power Stag

Even the big volume adopts the most advanced class D power stage, and also achieves a little sound of the distortion by the small volume. Digital processing is performed from a PWM drive circuit to an output drive circuit by a general class D power amp, but in case of TA1000, it was to adopt a unique PWM drive circuit by an analog form and make the final output drive circuit driven digital, and the depth which doesn’t seem digital and thick strong peculiar sound creating were achieved. The sophisticated sound which knew everything of drive of a loudspeaker and dignity is reproduced right in front of you.

Class D Power Stag

The design which agrees with TS1000 at best

The design of TA1000 is particular about agreement with TS1000 (nondirectional bass reflex and tower type speaker ) to which a pausing white heron (Egretta) was expressed in the surface of the lake succeeds to its shape and feel of a material. Aluminum mint sand blast processing is given to the east and pedestal part and the Japanese and Western interior is made the natural texture which isn’t investigated. The original tower shape is the shape which doesn’t fit into an audio rack the past and functions as interior one element in space aggressively. Therefore anyway the operational system was excluded from a surface, and a plain expression was designed in a surface. The compact cylindrical body among which the texture in which soft shadow is reflected and a condensation sense were included tells power as the amplifier which inheres in TA1000 quietly.

The color variation

The color variation
TA1000 each color price (tax included):¥175,000-
(except TS1000)

A color variation product will be a customization model.
It’ll be production after receipt of order, so please accept it.
A picture of indication will be an image figure. The color taste is different from an actual product.
When there is no stock of each color variation, I receive time until delivery.
The color variation material is sometimes changed without expectation.


Rated output 20W+20W (when 8Ω load)
Frequency characteristics 15Hz to 40000Hz (-3dB attenuation)
Class D modulation frequency 200KHz to 300KHz
Class D modulation output /
BTL output system / Ternary output mode (Typ)
Class D conversion efficiency 92%(Typ.)
Total harmonic distortion (THD) 0.11% (8Ω load, 1KHz, 10W output)
Digital input S / N ratio 102dB or more (THD + N < 1%, 1KHz, gain 20dB)
Input / output gain up to 32 dB
Bass equalizing presence fc = 150Hz, presence gain = 0dB to + 18dB
Analog input terminal Unbalanced RCA stereo x 2
Digital input terminal S / PDIF (light) 1 system, USB (wired / wireless) 1 system each
S / PDIF input terminal TOSLINK, up to 96KHz / 24bit support (linear PCM only)
USB input terminal
(wired connection)
USB Full Speed, up to 48KHz / 16bit supported
USB input terminal
(wireless connection)
option sold separately, up to 48KHz / 16bit supported
EMI radiation limit (-10dBm) or less
Output protection Heating protection function, output short-circuit protection function
Power input AC100V ~ AC240V ・ 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 40W or less (at maximum output)
External dimensions ・ Height 333mm
・ Base part φ192mm
・ Cylindrical part φ152mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 4.0 kg or less (included AC cord included)

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.



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